Guido buys a Cadillac

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Jan 29, 2011
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Columbus, OH
Guido was a modestly educated Italian immigrant brick layer in the Bronx. Fortunately for him, he was the only heir to a very rich uncle who left him more than 5 million dollars when he died.

Guido always wanted a Cadillac so when he got his inheritance, the first thing he did was to go to a dealership with a briefcase fully of cash and said to the salesman,

"I wanna thata car!" pointing to a beautiful Cadillac sedan.

The salesman decided to play along, so he said, "Sir, that car costs $85,000. How will you be paying for it?"

"Ima pay in cash! Whadda you tink?" say Guido.

"Well, sir, for cash, I can give you a discount," replies the salesman.

"Ima no wanna 'disa-count.' I wanna thata car!

So the salesman shrugs, writes up the order, takes the $85,000 from Guido and Guido is on his way in his new car. But all the way back toward his home he kept mulling over this strange word, 'disa-count.' Being a little hungry, he stops in a diner to order some lunch. When the waitress brings his order, he say to her, "What is disa ting, 'disa-count'?"

The waitress says, "Well, that is something you take off."

Guido is still confused to he says, "How mucha you take offa for $85,000?"

And the waitress says, "Well, Sweetie, would my earrings be in the way?"

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