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Hey all,

My wife and I want to start making wine from grapes and we are looking for some help on getting started.

We have made wine from a kit before which basically involved opening a box, pouring some juice in, adding water and a 2 stage fermentation prior to bottling.

We want to try out making wine wear we crush/press our own grapes and use a barrel for aging/flavoring.

We would like to make both red and white wines.

Here is where we need some help:

1st off we are trying to figure out the difference between a grape press and a grape crusher.

Also, we are trying to figure out if the barrel is used at all for fermentation, or if wine is transferred in there after both fermentation stages.

We are also looking for someone to point us in the direction of where we can get some basic info on this process of grapes to wine. I understand that reds in particular are a bit tricky in that you have to ferment them a bit before crushing?

We also are looking for some advice on what type/size barrel to buy. We would like to make decent size batches.

Also, are there any good online resources for buying grapes?

Any help on these issues, or any other suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.