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Booty Juice

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Mar 10, 2018
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The whole ‘Stabilization’ part!—> Dropping out the cold tartrates (wine diamonds) so it doesn’t happen while in the bottle.
For me the acid change was negligible unless combined with antacid chems. So the change in levels is incidental when stabilizing for fallout. CS seems to be routine for white & rosé for the dropout (served cold).
But also used as a technique to remove acid for any wine (w/ or w/o chems)

But @distancerunner’s question falls into that weird ph thing that defies logic for acid removal.
CS w/ Ph under 3.65—-removing acid thru cold stabilization actually lowers ph.
CS w/ Ph over 3.65—goes back to making sense and increases as acid falls out.

There’s no doubt some in-depth well written articles out there regarding the benefits of cold stabilizing.
Sorry in advance for the thread drift.

A few years ago I left a case of homemade CS in the garage of our IN home - through an entire winter. Obviously, mad tartrates were thrown off. My wife and daughter strained a bottle into a decanter.............and loved it.

Now, there are always a few bottles of reds in the basement fridge.

Different strokes.


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Aug 5, 2011
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Woo Hoo!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Just got an email from the place I normally buy grapes that I will be able to get some this year. I had resigned myself to only doing a couple of kits this year and he came thru for me. So Sat. I go pick up my 300-500 lbs of Chambourcin. My wife isn't nearly as happy with that as I am. She had plans for me this weekend.

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