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Jun 20, 2009
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so i finally put together my contraption i had been planning for a while

went with an apple juice recipe i conjured together by reading different things here(very simple i probly should post it)

yesterday afternoon i got it all together in my primary let it sit for a while(food grade 5 gallon bucket i had laying around and of course sanitized everything first) then put the yeast in it and put the lid on and filled up my airlock with water

so im up late last night watching tv in my bedroom where the bucket is with my homemade airlock(some tubing sticking in the top of the bucket and the other end in a mason jar with water) and i keep hearing this noise sounded sort of like water dripping but all the faucets are ok
coming back into the bedroom i noticed it was coming from the corner by the door where my primary is sitting
i guess my airlock is working because it was the bubbles coming through the hose and into the water lol

sorry if this sounds silly i just found it funny after i figured it out

also i think you've all got me hooked already i couldn't help but stand there and watch it for like 5 minutes with a smile on my face lol
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