Fresh juice (white, Vidal) from local vineyard, ?'s

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Apr 4, 2016
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Nervous... I want to do this right . . . I searched tutorials section but got a little more confused. This should be fairly simple?

I bought 6 gallons of Vidal Juice, letting it get up to room temp right now.
Brix 19, PH 3.5 TA 1.1
It was suggested by the winery to add 2 tsp of Calcium Carbonate for the 6 gallons to adjust the acid. (I have no acid measuring equipment)
Also to add approx. 3/4 cup of sugar per gallon (I can check as I add with hydrometer)

1. I read in the tutorial section about adding pectic enzyme, isn't that only for fruit or grapes in the must? I'm assuming I don't need that.

2. add Potassium Metabisulphate 12-24 hours before adding yeast?

3. When to add a clearing agent? I have Krystal Klear (bentanite)

4. Should I add a yeast nutrient or is that necessary?

5. I'd like this wine to have a 3% residual sugar, so I'll be back sweetening with the same juice after bulk aging and at bottling time. Is freezing a 1/2 gallon enough to back sweeten a 5.5 gallon batch? (I'll top up with local Vidal Blanc wine).

Any steps I'm missing that I should do?

Thanks much, SteveH


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Jan 1, 2007
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I would add the pectic enzyme and Kmeta and the sugar to get to 22 brix. wait the 12 hours then yeast followed by yeast nutrient once wine is fermenting. I would not add any carbonate and this time. Once wine has completed fermenting I would wiat a month to see if wine clears naturally. if not then use some SuperKleer. once wine is clear do some bench trials for back sweetening. the added sugar or juice will balance the acid you have at the present time.