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Sep 5, 2021
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North Carolina southern piedmont
Racked about 20 gals of muscadine wine from primary this morning and was incredibly happy with Steve's Free Run Tube!!:db:db I simply "dug" a hole in the cap and inserted the free run tube with the strainer bag, dropped the racking cane in the tube and turned on the pump. Even my better half (by far!!) commented on how much easier it was compared to bailing everything from the primary into the press as we have always done. No fuss, no mess, and no aching back to boot! AND the entire job was finished - including pressing and starting a second wine in less than 2 hrs!!
If you crush your crop directly into a primary, the free run tube will be well worth the cost. Sure it's simple PVC and easily made but Steve has the ideal design down pat. I highly recommend it along with Steve's other products.

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