Finer Wine Pinot Noir gone wrong?

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Sep 29, 2019
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Apologies if the image is huge, although not a total beginner (am approaching 2000th bottle), have recently tried Finer Wine kits, particularly the Cabernet Sauvignon and the Pinot Noir,
to see what the difference is between Wine Expert and Finer Wines. We really liked the French Cab from WE, NLA now it seems, source now is from California, which is still good.
Back to photo, my second Finer Wines Pinot Noir with 1 grape skin pack has turned out disappointing, the sample in the large glass is the kit apparently ready to bottle, not so, it is still quite cloudy and pale, the small glass in the image is the WE Pinot Noir, good color. Can anyone help with the why this kit has gone wrong? I have made 4 Finer Wine kits including this one, no problems up until now, decided to add grape skins to 1 each of the PN and CabS. The flavor is no right either, no bad odor.
Is it salvageable? Am going to leave it in the carboy to see if it clears, and will rack down again in a few weeks, am still concerned about the color/quality of this 1 FW PN kit.
I understand what is said about the WE having a "kit" flavor, the whites in particular showed this when compared to good store bought. The reds improve over time greatly, there is a marked difference between 3/4 months and 1 or 2 years, we have a few bottles from 2019 left, waiting to be sampled! Have still to taste the difference between the WE and FW after 'proper' aging (6mnths to 1 year+), to be honest, at bottling we have not really noticed a massive difference in taste between the 2 kit types.