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Jan 13, 2021
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Due south of Houston, TX
I tried using these on my first batch (blackberry from frozen berries, DDDB Mod): NiceCare Brew Bags 2 Pack Extra Large (26” x 22”) 250 Micron Fine Mesh Bag for Fruit Cider Apple Grape Wine Press Reusable Drawstring Straining Brew in a Bag: Kitchen & Dining

Aside from being just too darn big for my 1.2 gallon batch (standard for now), at a claimed 250 microns, I could hardly squeeze out the juice. It turned into an arduous slopfest.

I don't ferment in the bag. Instead, at the end of fermentation, I transfer to another bucket lined with the bag and go from there.

Any suggestions for alternatives? I've read somewhere that these may work well: Graco 42 oz. FlexLiner Paint Bags (3-Pack)-17F005 - The Home Depot

And do you re-use what you use and if so how do you clean and sanitize it?



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Mar 1, 2020
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Missouri Ozarks
I have used 2 different bags from Amazon.

This one I love because it's pliable and gas escapes easily.

This one I hate and will never use again because it was stiff and would not sink when filled with gas. Had to squeeze it by hand every time I wanted to stir the must.

I use a 10 gallon primary bucket. and keep the fruit separate in the bag.

I hose them off when I dump the lees in the compost, then hang 'em up to dry, then shake out the remains, then wash 'em in the washing machine.

Sanitize by spraying Kmeta before using.

Works for me anyway.


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Apr 28, 2019
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Those are paint liner bags to avoid having to clean the container you pour paint into. You want a paint strainer bag. I’ve only seen them in the 5 gallon size and they work well enough.
I used one as you describe for a blueberry wine and the seeds and lees clogged the bag right off the bat. Took a few minutes of moving the bag around, back and forth to get it dry enough to squeeze in a press. I didn’t bother to clean and just chucked it.