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Jan 19, 2007
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I think that poke or polk berries may have been mixed in with the elderberries that I use to make some wine. i hear the polk berries are poisonous. I have heard just the seed is and that they should be boiled first, so Im not sure. The berries were rinsed in hot water, drained and placed into a cheese bag in the fermenting bucket and boiled sugar water was poured over them. Does anyone know if this wine needs to be tossed out because of the polk berries, or if it will be okay to drink. Help.


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Dec 28, 2009
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Well based on Yahoo Answers


Pokeweed contains phytolaccatoxin and phytolaccigenin, which are poisonous to mammals. However, the berries are eaten by birds, which are not affected by the toxin because the small seeds with incredibly hard outer shells remain intact in the digestive system and are eliminated whole.

The eating of nonfatal quantities of poke, perhaps of the shoots, may cause retching or vomiting after two hours or more. These signs may be followed by dyspnea, perspiration, spasms, severe purging, prostration, tremors, watery diarrhea (often bloody) and, sometimes, convulsions. If a fatal quantity is eaten, perhaps including roots, the above signs are followed by paralysis of the respiratory organs and other narcotic effects, culminating in the death of the poisoned person.

On a side note if you do a search for Poke Berry wine on google it comes up with all kinds of hits..Not say I would recommend it.

I see those all over the place around here. Had no clue what they were so I stayed away from them.

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