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Sep 30, 2009
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Banbury UK
My wife decided to enter a bottle in the wine show. Just for the sake of doing something different, she made an Elderberry Rose by pressing the Elders after a day. It was very pale pink - more like a blush really. She entered it in the Any Other colour section where you didn't have to name the ingredients.

Unfortunately she was banned from all future competitions.

NO, NO, the wine wasn't that bad, it was quite nice chilled on a summer afternoon. It came fifth, but I think either the Judge or his steward must have been dislexic, because written on the card was 'Highly Condemned!'
What happened after the judging was the problem.There was an hour called 'Judges at Bar', where you could ask questions about your wine.
My wife, already a bit upset, has a hearing problem which makes her a wee bit tetchy, asked the judge the reason for his comments about her wine.
The judge replied, 'I could tell it was Elderberry, I could taste the Pith in it.'

She hit him on the head with her handbag!

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