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Sep 19, 2013
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near Milwaukee
I like the new it word "glug".

Well, true, the earliest record of this word is from 1768, so fairly recent :) :

From the OED
glug, n.2

Etymology: echoic: compare gluck n.

A word formed to imitate an inarticulate sound (see quots.). Also reduplicated glug-glug n.
1768 A. Tucker Light of Nature Pursued I. i. 127 Pretty bottle, says Sganarelle, how sweet are thy little glug glugs!
1843 C. J. Lever Jack Hinton (1878) vi. 38 Glug, glug, glug, flowed the bubbling liquor.
1882 G. MacDonald Castle Warlock (1883) xv. 83 Lord Mergwain listened to the glug-glug in the long neck of the decanter.
1897 M. Kingsley Trav. W. Afr. 275 While hesitating as to where was the next safe place to plant their feet, the place that they were standing on went in with a glug.


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Apr 17, 2014
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Sierra Foothills, Nor Cal
I’ve had my share of H2S early in my winemaking. I splash racked the heck out of one stubborn wine and it went on to win gold at CA State Fair with a fruit forward Mourvedre. Since the amount of time the wine is actually exposed is short while splash racking and it is still full of CO2 and I SO2 after, I did not experienced oxidation.

On the other hand, exposing your wine to copper should be a last resort and done with extreme care. If you put in more copper than is needed to remedy the problem (doesn’t all precipitate out) you will leave copper in solution. This is why I recommended redulees first. The copper dosage in redulees is safe, even if nothing precipitates out and will often solve the problem.

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