downy mildew problems

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Apr 3, 2013
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Hi, my first time posting. Last spring I planted 25 gewurstaminer and 25 reisling. Towards end of summer had a real problem with PM and/or DM. Nothing seemed to help. Finally treated with Agrifos. Had new leaves start shortly before cold weather dropped them. In PA if that helps. Anything I can do different this spring to avoid same problems.

FL Steve

Mar 5, 2011
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First, as long as you are in PA, review this info. As with any spray program, you have to get the protective spray on before the disease becomes an issue. Most of the diseases we deal with start infecting the plants shortly after bud break. You probably are at risk for powdery a week or so earlier than downey. The are very few eradicates. A lot also depends upon the disease pressure in your area and the variety. Since you are growing vinifera and you live in the northeast, I would say you need to keep right up with it. Good sunlight exposure and airflow will also help to reduce the incidence of the disease. There are certainly easier varieties to grow in our area but what the heck, everyone likes a challenge and it is a hobby anyway, right? Welcome to the forum.

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