Disease ID on Cayuga

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Aug 23, 2012
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I felt I did a decent job spraying my Cayuga this year. I've had black rot issues in the past, but at the time of harvest this year evidence of black rot was there but pretty minimal.

About two weeks after harvest, the Cayuga began to defoliate. The first year (green) shoots began turning black from the base. At this point, there are almost no leaves left. I fear most of this year's growth is dead and I'll have little crop next year.

The only other variety in the vineyard hit like this is Canadice, which is the most black rot sensitive variety I grow. So I'm suspicious that this has to do with black rot, though it has never done this before and I've not heard of black rot having such a major impact on the woody vine.

Any thoughts what this could be? Should I have continued my spraying program through harvest? I figured once the time to stop spraying to have the fruit clear came I could stop for the year.

I can provide pics at a later time, I haven't taken any yet.