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Feb 21, 2021
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Northern California
Yup! I keep a packet of EC-1118 on hand as it is THE go-to yeast for problems. If it can't ferment it, nothing can.

Kits include EC-1118 as it's as foolproof as it gets. Looking down on it for that reason is not warranted. It's used because it is the best tool for the job, e.g., ensuring beginners with no experienced help produce a good result. While other yeasts may produce a better result, EC-1118 always produces a good result.
It's also a very 'neutral' yeast, which can be what you want in some settings. We don't always want to augment mouthfeel, enhance spiciness or promote, eg tropical fruit notes: sometimes less is more. EC1118 (aka prise de mousse) and similar profile yeasts such as DV10 are often used for sparkling wine secondary fermentation for this reason.


Oct 23, 2014
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I'm wondering just how deep is this rabbit hole?
My Day Lily with 71B is ok but with great mouth feel. The Day Lily with 1118 is more delicate but the flavor is noticeably superior and given a choice I would go with flavor. Do I remake all my 71B wines with 1118 or another yeast? Or, A vs B and possibly blend? A vs B vs C where C has a yeast combo? Take the easy way and simply add glycerine? Yes, I've done the raisin and/or banana additions and it's a bit frustrating that so many of my wines are still in bulk.
BTW, vinny, I'll be posting an "A vs B" very soon.
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