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Nov 30, 2017
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I am a wine making newbie and have ventured on to my second batch of wine which happens to be a cranberry wine. I am second guessing making this wine at such an early stage in the learning process as I am having a terrible time getting it to ferment. I am day 5 and have been making adjustments, repitching yeast, etc to try and get an environment that should work for the yeast. Currently, this is where things are at. SG 1.100, Temp 70 F, pH = 3, TA = 0.5%. I started yeast again last night and it starting fermenting overnight in a cup of must which I have now added to the 6 gallons of must. Any tips, suggestions, recommendations would be greatly appreciated as I think I am running out of time to get this wine going. Thank you for your help!

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