Could wet skins or even dry skins be re-usable?

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Feb 15, 2021
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Curious if I could do an RJS premium kit in my primary (say Super Tuscan or Amarone), followed immediately by an RJS Cru International kit (say Sangiovese or Nebbiolo). Between batches I would clean and sanitize the primary, but I would start batch 2 the same day I racked batch 1 to secondary, and I would re-use the wet grape skins in muslin? The first kit has about 2 kilos of wet grape skins, the latter just has only dried grape skins. I'm just thinking about how it might improve the cheaper (mid-range) kit. Currently I don't have a wide mouthed fermenting vessel to do EM safely within the muslin sack, so I am thinking that this might be a different way to get all the goodness out of the wet skins, albeit in batch 2. But supposing I did do EM on batch 1, would that change the risk/reward in doing this with batch 2 (it there nothing really left in the skins after EM)? I plan to use the same yeast in both batches (BM 4x4 plus nutrients).

I also make beer and have a nice 6.5 g of mixed fermentation ready for bottling, also thinking of putting a gallon of that on the skins for month or two as an experiment, not uncommon to re-use the pomace in sour brews.


Apr 12, 2011
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As most grapeskin packs are manufactured products (ie some grapeskins with sugar added), there won't be a lot left after one fermentation cycle. Certainly all the sugar will be gone. In addition, if you are leaving them in the must until they sink to the bottom, they're done just like the sediment.


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Jan 15, 2017
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I use to do this exact thing, I feel it helped the Cru International kits. That said I now do 8-12 week EM and the skins have nothing left by the end.

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