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Mar 18, 2012
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DC Suburbs
This kind of irresponsibility is making this hard to fight, for sure. I don't get it. I know when my daughter suspected her kids had been exposed (and then of course her, indirectly) she made everyone stay home and play alone in the yard. They even canceled camping trips. That's what you gotta do, it's called being a responsible adult parent. No fun, but sometimes you gotta make some harder decisions. Oh well. I suppose this to shall pass.
Yep. We have the joyful duty of informing the kids that not only can they not attend sporting events this weekend, but the social activities they had planned will have to be missed as well. Likely the same for all of next week. We were supposed to meet some friends at a brewery (w/ lots of outdoor space) on Saturday and now have to skip that. In addition, my scheduled vaccination for tomorrow is now at risk. Going for a rapid test later. Ugh!


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May 29, 2012
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There were no after effects from first Pfizer injection. The main problem was the procedure. No, the nurses were aces, it was the patient who was the problem. I have had severe needle phobia (Trypanophobia) for a number of years. The nurse rolled her eyes when I sat down and told her I had rules. "Please don't show me what is going on and don't talk about it". She sticks me and then sez, "Wow, do you always get a big welt when you get shot?" I looked at her with big eyes and said through my mask, "I don't know, I haven't had a shot in like 10/15 years!" She then puts band aid on and tells me to go sit in the special observation area. Not in the next room with everyone else, but 5 feet away from where they are administering injections. Texting my wife about the progress, the nurse stops by every couple of minutes to ask if I'm doing OK. I looked at her and said, "I think your violating the rule about talking about it". Managed to not hyperventilate and escaped after 15 minutes.

Got second Pfizer last night. No drama this time. Dragging a little this morning. Could also have been the celebratory wine consumption.

And then in the WTF department, I read about this, "Pfizer unveils its oral SARS-CoV-2 inhibitor"

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Jan 11, 2019
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Central Texas
We are sooo close in my household. All four of us have had two Pfizer shots and my wife and I will pass the 14 day incubation period this weekend. We may go out and eat food not prepared in our home for the first time in over a year. There's a local vineyard/winery we like to support that has a pretty darn good restaurant attached to it. It's the last place we went before the pandemic hit so fitting.


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Feb 25, 2017
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Centerville, Northern Virginia
Got my second shot last Saturday. Wasn't sick, sore or have a headache and my appetite was fine I was just exhausted on Sunday and cat napped most of the day. However I was out of town with work the prior Thursday and Friday and Saturday was pretty much spent on work as well so it could have been the cause. Woke up Monday morning as if nothing had happened.


Jun 8, 2019
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A NYT's article detailed the % of people in the trials who had what after effects from Pfizer & Moderna vaccines for both 1st & 2nd shots. Both vaccines have a majority of those getting a 2nd shot having after effects. Yes-it's commonplace to have 2nd shot after effects, the majority do.
It's not an indication of ones poor health, or being an issue for most people other than that after effects can be nasty after the 2nd shot. Percentages run from 52% to 80% for those vaccines but not lasting effects that I'm talking about, these go away.
Mine were nasty! We both had our 1st with only sore arms from Moderna. 2nd shot my wife had minor fever and not much else.
The next day, I had a serious fever, sore body joints all over and extremely lethargic, bad overall feelings plus a headache-which I never have headaches, ever. It lasted ~ 36 hours for me, less for her.
Beats being dead or in an ICU.

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