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Drunken Friar Cellars
Nov 4, 2005
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I've read quite a few posts where people are concerned about wintertime wine and mead making. Most of the dry yeasts I use actually do quite well at lower temperatures. Here's a photo of two meads, a traditional Blackberry Blossom Mead made with K!V 1116 (SG 1.120) on the left and a coffee mead (SG 1.112) made with 71B 1122 on the right. The meads are 36 hours after pitching and are in my winemaking room in the basement with an ambient temperature of 62F.

I like cooler ferments for my whites and meads; it seems to help retain more of the subtle floral and fruity notes. Like you, I find that most yeasts perform quite well at cooler temps.

For reds though, I like to ferment at warmer temps. I think the color and tannin extraction from the grape skins is better at a warmer temp.

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