Confusing pH and TA numbers

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Feb 15, 2018
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I ended up not doing anything to it. It has a high pH, oh well. It'll have low free SO2. I bottled today. The wine tasted damned good, so maybe it will go fast in two years. Some of the corks I bought (duo Disc) were exceptionally hard to get into the bottle. None of them made it flush. It's all they LHBS had. Now i know not to use those in the future, other than 88 i have left.

Just read through this. Interesting problem and glad you have some wine to drink! I agree with others that I would not be shy about drinking it up in a year or so.

But the phosphoric acid idea is interesting and I'm going to investigate that. However, I think before fermentation, I would have just added 2g/L of Tartaric acid and gone from there. That would have taken that Syrah pH to the 4.0 range which I would see as more comfortable. The excess tartrates usually drop out anyway. Plus, I suspect the original TA measurement of 9.4 was just an error. Were the brix really low suggesting the grapes were not ripe? Because if ripe, I've never seen or heard of a TA that high in a red varietal.


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Sep 19, 2012
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I wasn't sure about it as I hadn't added acid before unless it was not within range. Now i know to preference pH over acid and go with that adjustment. Brix was 25. and Yes i log my data every year I've never had it at 8.3 either.

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