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Apr 12, 2011
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I've been making kits for so long, I sometimes get a little too "autopilot" oriented. While putting on my Eclipse SLM, I poured some spring water in the primary, added the juice, rinsed the bag and added that water, stirred the bentonite into hot water and added that, put the oak powder (I realized after that I was going to do that with chips, not powder :ft) and the grapeskins in the bag and added that. stirred and sprinkled the yeast. I went to have a look the next morning, and noted that the primary didn't look as full as usual. That's when it hit me: I didn't do the final top-up after adding the bentonite. So I lifted the grape bag out, and after it quit dripping, added top up water to my line.
At that point I wondered how close I got it to the right level, and had I damaged the yeast adding water to the juice after adding the yeast. I won't know about the level, or any possible consequences to that for quite some time, but the must is bubbling happily this morning.
Happy New Year!