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Jun 11, 2009
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cab sav cellar craft 5 week. i racked about a month ago, added the kmeta sorbate etc and blueberry choc honey and rasberry f pac. i racked again last week and added isinglass finnings clearing agent cause there was an awful lot ot stuff on the side of the glass on the inside and floating on the top, it did clear a lot after i racked and added finnigs. i racked to a smaller carbouy today 20 litre and put the remainder two little glass jars, new carbouy has a tap at the bottom in centre raised up from the bottom slightly so the sedement will settle below, good idea if it proves effective. problem is i still have little bits floating about, improved drasticallly but still there, my last cellar craft was clear as anything. what to do??? do add more clearer ??? it says that i need to add metabisulphite after day 55 of kit making. is this accurate or flexible, i dont have any, also my new carbouy has a plastic lid that i put tape around , will this be ok????