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Dec 12, 2017
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Hi guys,

My Rosso Fortisimo has a funky smell, at first I thought it was smelling like geraniums or slightly floral, however I never added sorbitol as I always ferment dry. The taste is excellent other than the aroma, my wife would describe it as funky rather than floral. After this i suspected wine Brett's, however I recall the aroma was like this half way through fermentstion so how is that possible? The wine is only 2 months old from pitching the yeast and it's currently bulk aging, it's hard to tell but it almost seems better now since it's slightly more aged. In either case it's definately not getting worse. I should also mention I reused the leftover grape skins from the Rosso fortisimo in a cheap kit I did immediately after which does not have the same aroma.

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