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Feb 28, 2009
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First and foremost, thank you all for the wonderful information contained within these threads.

My ventures into "kit" winemaking started this past Christmas, when I decided to try this new hobby. (I typically make limoncello, and stopped at local Beer/Wine equipment supplier for bottles and got hooked on wine making)

To date, I have three Winexpert kits in varying stages. My first kit is the Vintners Reserve, Barolo style, which I bottled January 30, 2009. The second kit, World Vineyards, Australian Shiraz, was bottled February 10. The final kit, a Selection International Series, Italian Montepulciano, is sitting in a carboy and is just ready to be bottled.

Last weekend, I opened a bottle each of the Barolo and Shiraz, and although drinkable, I was not wowed by either wine. Both wines were lighter in body and not as complex as I would have anticipated. I realize that these wines are young, however, my question is, (since this is my first experience with winemaking), will time in the bottle really change the character of these wines that dramatically?

Also, as for the Montepulciano, a sample drawn yesterday, seemed bitter and alcoholic. Hopefully, this wine will improve over time. Based on information gleaned from some of the other threads, I intend to leave this wine in the carboy for several months in lieu of bottling, and will check periodically.

Finally, I am wanting to try a white wine, and am leaning towards Winexperts Viognier or Symphony. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Regards to all,