Buon Vino mini with filters and bottle filler

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Apr 8, 2020
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I picked up this wine pump, filters, bottle filler and accessories from a local wine maker this past summer when I was buying bottles. He was retiring from the business.
I have not used this but I am confident it is in great shape. Everything else I bought from this person was in excellent condition.
The only reason why I am not using this is because I bought the All in One pump (I like the degas and bottle filling feature better)

There are 69 size 1 filters in in opened packages of 3. That alone is $140.

I have racking hoses and the wine bottle filler as well.

$165 obo. I live in Clarkston Mi so local pick up preferred but let me know and we can work something out.
Will ship. + shipping cost3A1A6C9E-6540-4DE7-B91A-05680EFBFA06.jpeg5FA53361-8178-4A85-96E2-043D5F4DA7D0.jpeg43520A6F-1E7C-4DE4-9C2D-535F095F369E.jpeg442353AF-2647-452E-95C8-5B2E538A766F.jpeg2C028D35-69FF-42FD-B155-AA75B2480099.jpeg133EDB90-B70F-485E-9BC4-12069BEB22C4.jpeg1B26A7D7-160D-432C-8EB4-50FD128CF8B9.jpeg83124D48-8CC2-4479-AFEC-E2BF3B970CAF.jpeg7FDD23D7-7C83-40D4-BF4C-ADD741C156B2.jpegBACEB8C3-0852-4BE0-9AFC-F7708C994F71.jpeg3A1A6C9E-6540-4DE7-B91A-05680EFBFA06.jpeg5FA53361-8178-4A85-96E2-043D5F4DA7D0.jpeg43520A6F-1E7C-4DE4-9C2D-535F095F369E.jpeg442353AF-2647-452E-95C8-5B2E538A766F.jpeg2C028D35-69FF-42FD-B155-AA75B2480099.jpeg133EDB90-B70F-485E-9BC4-12069BEB22C4.jpeg1B26A7D7-160D-432C-8EB4-50FD128CF8B9.jpeg83124D48-8CC2-4479-AFEC-E2BF3B970CAF.jpeg7FDD23D7-7C83-40D4-BF4C-ADD741C156B2.jpegBACEB8C3-0852-4BE0-9AFC-F7708C994F71.jpeg