"Brewsy" wine & cider kit?

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Jan 19, 2018
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Has anyone tried the Brewsy wine or cider kit? Reading their site there's nothing spectacular which stands out about 'how' they are doing these kits. They list all their ingredients and they are standard things like yeast, “micronutrients”, bentonite, pectic enzyme, potassium bicarbonate and maloatic bacteria. I'm guessing the yeast is some strain like EC-1118 that works well with a variety of juice types, micronutrients are probably yeast nutrient and yeast energizer, the bentonite for a clairifier, pectic enzyme as an extraction mechanism, K-bicarbonate for acid (but I wonder how they drop out the precipitate unless the fridge is sufficient). I have no idea how the maloatic bacteria works. They list the process and it seems accurate for traditional wine making. So all I come away with is $40 for a packet of "everything" that gets tossed against your store bought juice to make wine. Heck - I can make a 5gal batch of Welches Concord for less than that.

Here's their site: brewsy - make amazing wine & cider at home in 5 days

What do 'y'all think of this? I'm "almost" tempted to drop the $40 on a kit to see what happens, but man - $40 buys a lot of supplies/ingredients in a traditional brew environment.

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