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Dec 24, 2009
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I'm home alone today so decided to brew some of the wines and meads I've got ingredients for.

What I'll be doing:

1 can of Vintner's Harvest Pear fruit wine base
Will be setting three gallons of pear wine. My first non-kit, non-welches grape juice wine.

1 can of Vintner's Harvest Blueberry fruit wine base
A bit more tricky. I'll be making the full three gallons of must but separating into two different fermenters. To the first I'll add sugar to a SG of ~1.080-1.090
the the second I'll add Clover honey to the same SG. Everything else will be the same. Same nutrients, additions, and same type of yeast. If it turns out right I'll two beverages with the same ABV with only the sugar vs honey for taste differences (An experiment I've anted to try for a long time)

For my birthday, yesterday, my friend gave me 3lbs each of Blueberry, cranberry, and southern bell honey, so I'll be setting 3 one gallon batches of show mead, here again, same nutrients, additions, and same type of yeast, only difference is honey. I may have three more pounds of Walmart honey in the pantry, maybe I should set a one gallon batch of this to compare (another experiment I've wanted to try for a while)

I have two Kits I have to work with on Wednesday, a Green Apple Reisling and a White Zinfandell, so today will be my only chance til the weekend.

Comments or thoughts,


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