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Sep 24, 2009
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2 nights ago we bottled the first batch of muscadine wine using the afformentioned recipie. after 32+ days in the "primary ferminter" we "racked" the wine into a glass carboy and added 1 campden tablet per gallon total of 4 tablets. it sat in the carboy for about 3 weeks and the air lock stoped bubbling after 2 weeks. all and all we are very pleased, although i am a little worried that the corks are going to get blown off because we did not add any sorbate. (didnt have another carboy to rack into so it would mix well) i havent opened a bottle yet but given 2 away and last night my father asked for another bottle so i assume everyting is fine. while bottling i tasted out of syphon tube and was pleased. going to get rid of this batch quick to keep from exploding. wish i could let everyone taste it so you could share in our excitement. going to add sorbate to batch in other carboy since we have a open one to use now, and maybe i can let that age in bottles.

Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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Did you ferment to dry and not sweeten cause if so there is no problem. Sorbate is truly only needed if it was still sweet or if you added sugar back to your wine after it was done fermenting.