Bitter Fruit Wine & Moscato Kit

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    Feb 13, 2018
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    I am extremely new to wine making. I started my very first batch of strawberry wine a couple of weeks ago. I just got my wine into the secondary fermenter a few days ago and the recipe said i could try it. The wine is very bitter so my question is how long and should it sweeten up in the secondary and should I plan to add simple syrups when I get ready for bottling?

    My next question is Moscato. The only kit I have really seen is the California from winexpert which I ordered. Is there any other recommended kits?
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    the strawberry wine is to new to judge any characteristics good or bad. wait abut three months before making any judgement. follow good so2 procedures and wait.
    I would google moscato wine kits and see what you get. i believe RJ Spaniel make one and probably others.
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    Salcoco is steering you along the right path. You will probably get more answers to your questions if you post in the beginners forum rather than here. I believe more people look thru there with intentions of helping out. And welcome to the forum. Arne.

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