Anyone heard of Far Western Nurseries?

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yuu kanda

Feb 26, 2019
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Hi, My name is Ryan and I live in Barbados [Where Rihana is from]. I have bend going grapes since 2017
and they grew well [despite the hot and humid weather and being told since childhood that grapes, apple plums and peaches will never going and that they need winter to grow] hah ney sayers. I was doing some research to get some more varieties/cultivars as only one type is available here, So my question is as noted in the title anyone heard of Far Western Nurseries or purchased from them? I have spoke to them and they are sell there 2 year vines [ 1 yr root stock and 1 yr grafted] for $2.5 for non-grafted and 4$ for grafted. It sound like a great deal. I have looked at double A, Willisnurseries, Groworganic and TyTy nurseries. the last one had some very bad review about them being a bait and switch company [ that is they advertise new plants and send you dead plants or twigs as dormant plants]. Willis and Double A is a little to expensive for the amount I want. [Peaceful valley Farms] seem a like place to get there fruit trees as they as sell 4 in 1 multi fruit varieties. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I have a family member travelling to the U.S. next as well as having a Miami shipping address available so getting them to Barbados is not a problem in case anyone is wondering. Thank you again