Anybody used this yeast before?

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Skeeter Pee Sommelier
Dec 28, 2018
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The great white north
Ok so I'm having issues posting photos so no pics lol

I got all the supplies to make my first batch of jaom, first mead also. I went to the nicest supply shop I know of, looking for a pack of D47. The guy escorted me to their rather large selection of yeasts and my palms got sweaty. Not a single purple lalvin pack to be seen lol. I told him what I was looking for and what I was making and he quickly produced a fancy looking yellow package that reads:

Mangrove Jack's
Mead yeast
Suitable for: all styles of mead

Anybody ever use this? Thoughts? I've never even heard of the brand, but I'm going to go research it after posting this.

I realize that the recipe calls for bread yeast, and the recipe also says not to mess with the recipe and everybody who asks gets told not to mess with the recipe lol. I cant help it. Ive made my share of disgusting bread yeast hooch. Those days are over ( if I can help it)lol

I had my heart set on D47 but didn't have time to run around the city looking for it. If all else fails I can probably find some 1118 or 1116 locally here but that's about it