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Sep 27, 2015
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Tonight I started a 9L Amazon wine kit up here in Canada called Laurel Creek. I got it shipped to my door for $55Can. It says it's a California Red or Merlot. I added the following tweaks:
- 90gr sachet of med oak chips
- 2 x 600gr frozen triple berry mix (cherry, rasp, blueberry) put it in stock pot and heated it up and mashed it all up with some pectic enzyme.
- 1/2 of a Mosti Mondiale grape skin pack (4.4lbs)
- RC212 yeast

All in I'm into it for $75 so $2.50 a bottle. I've made a variety of kits and fresh juice pails this past 16 months but this one I'm most excited to taste in a couple of months.
I love tweaking the cheap kits....it may not be a classic Merlot....but, it will be yours. Hope it finishes up real nice for you!

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