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Sep 16, 2017
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Happy customer here after my recent AllinOne Wine pump purchase. Thank you Steve Helsper. He helped me through what I needed prior to my order based on my current needs. When the shipment arrived, I was hesitant to use the product and reached out to Steve for clarification on a few items. After a few minutes with him on the phone he answered all my questions.

I currently make only winekits.

Pros using the allinone pump:
1)reduce co2 while transferring. I’m excited about this as my first batch bottled still had co2 present.
2) no longer have to lift a full glass carboy ever again. This pump allows level transferring.
3) bottling is a piece of cake using the pump. The attachment allows for consistent fills in each bottle on the first attempt. You can also bottle while standing up. The old way of sitting down or bending over is now history.
4) ability to remove oxygen from carboys headspace when aging. This eliminates the need to find other solutions to top up when transferring to a carboy that is not the same size.
5) no additional clean up. You only have to clean the transferring hoses like normal.

I’m all for promoting good products and this is one of them. Steve is a stand up guy. If you need a pump and filter, I’d highly recommend the all in one pump.