Aging Wine and Sour Beer Together???

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Apr 9, 2017
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Hello all,

This is my first post. I really need some input on a question that I've been after for months. I'm building a cold room in my garage with four chambers for different purposes. The two rightmost chambers are currently planned to be a 360 bottle wine cellar and a separate compartment for 20 gallon oak barrels that I plan to use to sour beer. The two chambers will not intentionally share the same air but could potentially cross over in small gaps, or when the doors are open. I've always heard from breweries that sour beer barrels aging with non sours can cross contaminate. Should I be worried that my sour fermentation will infect my wine bottles? On one hand, the thought of bugs traveling through an airlock full of vodka and into the air through a cork and into wine sounds outlandish, but then again I think about hours, days, years of simmering in close proximity. Was planning to break ground soon, but just got real nervous. Help!