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Apr 19, 2020
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Palm wine from coconut palms is traditional. It differs from European style grape wines in that at best it is 5% alcohol therefore not very stable.
There are several methods for producing Palm sugar concentrates. In general a method which uses high heat (over 160C) produces browning reactions which contribute flavor. Coconut palm sugar has contaminants as protein and mineral ie it may cloud a wine and will have some flavor. Locals find the flavor desirable. High temperature production with resulting browning will carry through into a finished wine.
You are combining palm sugar with a fruit that contributes part of the sugar. There will be some dilution factor of the palm flavor.

I do not see any reason for not trying palm sugar.

(a side note 160C ie the upper limit on operating instant rice driers, above this we produced toasted flavors)
Palm sugar turned out really well. Tastes very nice.

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