Adventures on the pectic path part 2

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Dutch Winemaker
Nov 5, 2006
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A few weeks ago I wrote an entry in my weblog that
clearly showed the need for pectic enzymes in winemaking.

This started me thinking further along this line.

I did a lot more experiments to test myths and truth about
the pectic enzyme. You can easily conduct these experiments yourself at home and please do.

One experiment astonished me most.

I added pectic enzymes to a jar of apple sauce and I also
added yeast. The combination of the two made the yeast do
their job but stunned the pectic enzymes.
At least what I saw was that these enzymes did not do their
work as efficient as they do in an environment where no yeast
was fermenting.

So I thought it could be the alcohol inhibiting the yeast.
Easily tested.
I took a jar of apple sauce added some 37% wodka to it and added
just pectic enzymes and guess what........
The enzymes did their work flawlessly.

So something in the yeast is preventing the pectic enzyme to
do their job......

Now this is of course why all books write that enzymes must be added some hours before yeast is innoculated........

I also did tests with sulphites and tests in the cold.
Too much to write down here all together so if you are interested
take a look at my web-log entry of 15 feb 2008 or click
here : Adventures along the pectic path part 2