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Nov 12, 2006
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Just yesterday, my dear hubby and I paid a visit to one of the two repositories of all things useful: Princess Auto. (The other is Canadian Tire, but I digress). We left there with several things, one of which is a smoke cooker (I plan to experiement with that) and the other is a small (16 inch - 40 cm) barrel dolly.

Fully laden carboys, in the words of the late Mae West, are as heavy as a Puritan's guilt after sin. With one of these little babies (carboys are 12 in about 22 cm) in diameter) I found that I could move, with relative ease, my carboy full of Italian Merlot out of my main wine making area, and into the colder room for longer term storage, where it will remain undisturbed until I need to rack it off again.

Not a bad investment for $22.00


Drum dollys are definately a good idea if you work on one level!

Carrying glass carboys (which i do in a bucket for better grip/stability) is my least favourite bit of this hobby - especially up and down stairs.:(