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Dec 25, 2014
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For the First time in 2015 temperatures in my neck of the woods hit 70F.
It built a fire within these old bones driving of the sedentary doldrums brought on by the long cold Pennsylvania winter. I set out for a walk through the farm I call Home in anticipation of the treasures the winter may have left behind. Perhaps Indian arrowheads along the edges of the fields I plowed last fall, Maybe a winter blowdown unearthed some quarts crystal. A shed antler left by one of the more elusive residents. As I walked along smell the Hyacinths blooming along the trail filled the air reminding me of long ago days when I walked these very trails hand and hand with my true love.
Before long I found myself at my intended destination. A stand of sassafras trees along a small creek near the back of the property. The sandy soil in this location makes digging the root of the sassafras fairly easy. Pulling my folding military surplus shovel and a small hatchet from my pack, I went to work. In short order I had 200 plus inches of 1/2 inch diameter root I came for.

The root of the sassafras must be dug in spring before the tree begins to leaf when the root is full of sap.
When harvesting the root the fragrance of the sap fill the air until ones nostrils are inundated with it fragrance and all you can smell is sassafras.
With My booty secured I continued on Past the ponds where a group of hooded mergansers take flight at the slap of a beavers tail who noticed my approach. A Canada goose sits quietly among the weeds hopping not to reveal the location of her nest. And I wonder to myself if this is the girl I placed a camera on 3 years ago and watched her entire nesting.
As I exited the woods to the edge of the field a red tailed hawk flushed to a tree clutching a field mouse. And high above a pair of bald eagles rode the drafts.

Spring has sprung, and the wonders of nature and life and have once again renewed the world! I it my greatest hope that all the world finds a day like yesterday!

Now what to do with all this sassafras? ::
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Feb 19, 2015
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Great post.

Yep, its great to see the world coming back to life.