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30 Plate and Frame Filter in NC

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Rich Larsen

Jan 29, 2019
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We have 30 plate and frame filter that was aquired through a equipment purchase.

We have no need for it.

I don't have details on it but google searching shows equivalent units are valued at over $2100.

Here is a link to the 40 plate version:
20190129_155813a.jpg 20190129_155841a.jpg 20190129_155813a.jpg 20190129_155841a.jpg 20190129_155853a.jpg 20190129_155813a.jpg 20190129_155841a.jpg 20190129_155853a.jpg

This guy looks like new. I understand it was used once.

Asking $1700... buyer pays shipping or local pickup in NC, 27053

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