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Aug 24, 2011
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This is a first time that I am running a sale -

Please look over all your attachments and hoses prior to the busy time of bottling and transferring and filtering.

Look over all your hoses, they may need replacing
Only because it is time to look over
all your hoses and equipment 5’ of vacuum resistant racking hose
because the AIO creates a vacuum that draws in the wine.
Standard racking hose may collapse under the vacuum, thus
the need for thicker racking hose.–

Vacuum release valves
https://www.allinonewinepump.com/product/replacement-vacuum-release-valve/– Vacuum release valves
– This is the exact
replacement for the original vacuum release valve. It is a
push button vacuum release valve – which has 2 – 1/4”
ID hose barb connectors.
This is extremely
necessary when bottling or wanting to stop a racking while
under vacuum.

check out the headspace
eliminator https://www.allinonewinepump.com/product/headspace-eliminator/introducing a new
accessory, for the All in One wine pump system. Headspace
Eliminator, Is a simple and cost effective new
way to eliminate harmful headspace in your
carboy. Why did I come up with
idea – For many years I have been trying to come up with
an easy and affordable design that will remove extra air
space because of racking. During the wine making process, it
is often necessary to top off your wine in order to
eliminate excessive oxygen contact, which could oxidize and
ruin your wine. With the Headspace Eliminator, it is now
possible to vacuum out most all of the air, helping to
eliminate the possibility of oxidation.
What are the advantages
of the vacuum eliminator?
You are no longer diluting or changing the taste and
quality of your original wine by topping off with another
which contains additional chemicals.
Cost effective – no more purchasing of smaller carboys,
bungs and airlocks.
Removes additional co2 which aids in the degassing

Precision vacuum
release https://www.allinonewinepump.com/product/new-precision-adjustable-vacuum-valve/This is an accessory to the
Allinonewinepump, that you can install in less than 5
minutes. This precision adjustable vacuum valve
is designed to make bottling even easier for each individual
needs. It is able to control the vacuum – which will
either decrease or increase the liquid flow for

PET transfer kit
https://www.allinonewinepump.com/product/plastic-pet-carboy-transfer-kit/I developed a way to transfer into a
PET carboy using the Allinonewinepump –
This is designed to be
able transfer into plastic (PET ) carboys using
vacuum. The adjustable valve is
also good for adjusting your wine control while
bottling. The transfer rate is
approx 1 gallon per minute using The Plastic (PET) Carboy
Transfer Kit.

and many other products

USE CODE = sale20

good thru 7-12-2017


Feb 1, 2017
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Dang missed it by 1 day! Looking at ordering a kit along with additional accessories, came here and saw the sale but it ended yesterday

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