20 Gallon ss brewing vessel for primary - capacity?

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May 31, 2018
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I have a 3 vessel brewing system and am likely moving out of brewing, and want to use one of these vessels as a primary fermentor. A member on another site said he'd probably keep it to 10 gallons in terms of capacity, but then I realize now I'm not sure that means must or finished wine, after losses. Thought I'd ask here.

Is 25% headspace reasonable for red wines, i.e., would 15 gallons must be OK in this vessel? 17 gallons? (a figure I saw somewhere on the web, but that just seemed high to me)?

I am very new and have not worked through any books in full, yet. If it's a quick answer (don't want to bother experienced members with noob questions, too much, if I can dig them up otherwise), but I also have 2 ss converted beer kegs, 15.5 gallons. After racking losses, would one of these be appropriate as a secondary vessel, if starting with a 17 gallon primary, or way too much space above the wine?

In general, not clear on sizing from primary down to final racking, before bottling. I don't know if there's a standard loss factor one can use as estimate, on racking?

Many thanks.

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