1000L, 200L tanks and 225L SS barrels for sale. (Reading, PA)

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Jan 9, 2019
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This is the equipment I currently have for sale. Prices for most new items have gone up recently due to tariffs on steel so hopefully there's someone here who can help take these off my hands. Located outside of Reading, PA.

35815140_10213323892828195_2349432894293803008_n.jpg 1000l letina conical bottom variable capacity tank. Td1000) - purchased 2015 from St Patrick's of Texas. http://www.stpats.com/2015Letina/147814_St.Patricks_PZP1000A10_Ver.1.pdf
Asking $1600 (currently they are listed for 2250 + shipping for new tanks)
35771125_10213323892668191_5898806151314669568_n.jpg (2) 60 gallon (225l) stainless steel barrels. Fit on standard sized barrel racks, sealed head, no gaskets, good for long term storage. 2" TC ferrules on top and head. Asking $400 each. Purchased new in 2012 for $900 each.
(1) 200L Marchisio Variable Capacity SS tank. Asking 400.
Accessories for the above items (for sale also):
2" TC butterfly valves for SS barrels
2" to 1.5" TC reducers for SS barrels (I use 1.5" TC for most of my other tanks but the 2" port is better for cleaning)
1/2" NPT to 1.5" TC adapter. included with Marchisio tank.