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  1. J

    Sleeping in a room where wine is being made

    I have no knowledge on wine making or wine in general, this is my grandfather’s hobby. For around a week now I’ve been staying with my grandparents. I’ve been sleeping in their spare room where my grandfather likes to make wine in a barrel (around 5 litres). For the past two days, I’ve had an...
  2. balatonwine

    Traditional Vineyard Management and Wine Making in Spain

    Video in Spanish, but with subtitles (Youtube auto-generated, so not perfect, but understandable).
  3. David Barber

    Fruit wines using hot plate.

    Good Morning! I started making fruit wines. So far, they have been excellent! I started using a hotplate and monitoring the fermentation container to keep it at 95 degrees F. I had read that yeast grow well at this temperature. The fermentation occurs about 1 day faster using this method...
  4. JCBurg

    Malolactic fermentation, should I?

    simple question here, I will be making petite petal this fall, if that matters at all, and I am planning out my steps. When should I begin ML fermentation if at all? How do I know it is time? Is it something that is always done with reds and if not under what conditions would I not do an ML...
  5. JCBurg

    Southern Wisconsin Wine Crafters meetup

    Hey everyone, I just got my meetup group approved and I am hoping to recruit some members! No cost or anything, I want to organize some meet up events for home wine makers in and around southern wi. I am hoping that if I can get enough folks maybe I can get wollershiem or cedar creek to...

    March 4, 2018--35th annual AWS Pittsburgh Wine Conference and Amateur Wine Competition

    The Western Pa. region of the American Wine Society is once again sponsoring what has become a Spring tradition for wine lovers and winemakers - the 35th annual wine conference and competition. Come on Sunday, March 4, 2018 from 10:00am to 6:00pm at the Masonic Center 3579 Masonic Way, off of...
  7. balatonwine

    Commercial yeast. Do they make our wine worse?

    "Salami made with wild bugs scored higher with tasters than salami made with a starter culture." From: If its true for salami, is it maybe true for wine? Do we over plan our wines, and degrade them, when suppressing their...
  8. MiraNapa

    Hello From Mira Winery

    Hello everyone! I am with Mira Winery located in Napa, California and Charleston, South Carolina. We LOVE wine and we hope to engage in some fun and interesting wine talk with all of you. We have been making wine for a number of years, but our most recent accomplishment is making the first...
  9. B

    First timer

    Hi, i am new and trying to make wine but my problem is i am in the place where i cannot get wine yeast and any other things, i have bought baker’s yeast, 3KG of peach, 20 liter jar, white table sugar 3 1/5 KG and one balloon to cover my jar, thats all i can get here. Do you think only above...