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  1. D

    WineXpert Anyone have experience with Winexpert Twisted Mist Limited Editions

    In particular, a couple have been recently released (e.g. Sex on the Beach Wine Recipe Kit & Pina Colada). Generally, these types of kits are not where my interests lay, but i had good luck with this recent dragon fruit lemonade limited release thing. Anyway, people liked it and I'm willing...
  2. JCBurg

    Southern Wisconsin Wine Crafters meetup

    Hey everyone, I just got my meetup group approved and I am hoping to recruit some members! No cost or anything, I want to organize some meet up events for home wine makers in and around southern wi. I am hoping that if I can get enough folks maybe I can get wollershiem or cedar creek to...
  3. H

    Where to stay in Burgundy wine country?

    Hello everyone! I wanted to spend a few days in Burgundy wine country and was wondering which place would you recommend? My partner and I wish to learn more about wine and have a chilled, romantic weekend. All tips and recommendations are more than welcome! Thank you!