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  1. jkim888

    Cold Crash Wine Gone Wrong. Retrying again. Long read.

    Hello Folks, I'm new here. I'm still quite an amature home wine maker. But I can say I have experience with making dry reds and whites. Last month, I had a pail of frozen juice from an online vendor, a Muscat to make Moscato. I wanted to make a Moscato with 5-6% ABV with high sugar. Which at...
  2. C

    White Marquette

    Has anyone tried to make a "white" Marquette (ie. ferment juice only, no skins)? If so, how did it turn out?
  3. J

    Bentonite not setteling

    Hi, after sending our wine to the laboratory, they advised us to add bentonite to clear some remaining proteins. We have two wines, a pinot noir (white) and a chardonnay. The pinot noir cleared up just fine after 10 days or so after we added the bentonite. The chardonnay is still cloudy. Any...
  4. JCBurg

    Gewurztraminer/apple holiday wine

    I have a hankering to buy some G.wurtz grapes and mix wine with a fresh apple wine(maybe with a hint of cinnamon) and I wonder if any of you more practiced somaliers out there would tellme if you think this would be a disaster before I spend the money? I've been kicking it around for 2 years now.
  5. MiBor

    Correcting Color of White Wine

    Here is a challenging question for the experts: can white wine be color corrected? The background story behind this question goes like this: distant relative wannabe winemaker makes a 6gal batch of chardonnay from juice. Everything went OK until he decided to dial in the taste before bottling...
  6. Matias

    Hi from Chile

    Hello, Im new here. (im sorry, if my english is not good enough) Ive just started a tiny white wine production made of 60% moscatel/30% torontel/ 10% white italy (22.5 Brix) in the Cachapoal Valley in Central Chile. Ive chosen a wild fermentation way of making this wine, I started 2 weeks...
  7. B

    how to improve a blunt white wine?

    dear community! its been a while since ive been posting here... but still hope you can help me with this issue: i have an issue with my white wines: they taste blunt, indifferent, not fruity at all and i wonder what might be the reason, and how i could repair the wines... wine no. 1 is low in...
  8. Sergey

    Preemptive Fining for white wine

    Hey folks, I am on my first attempt to make white wine (Gewurtztraminer) from frozen grape must. I ran across this article and it caught my eye. How common is it to fine grape juice before fermentation? Has anyone tried this with Polylact like they recommend...
  9. Nova_Scotia_Canada

    Low initial specific gravity

    So I'm on my second wine kit, identical to my first (which turned out really well), it's a Chardonnay. But with the second kit, the initial specific gravity was low (about 0.9 when it should have been over 1.05). I added sugar to get it up to where it should be, but my question is, why would...
  10. A

    First time making wine, need help knowing if my grapes are ready for harvest!

    Hello! So I've had a few vines growing over a canopy in my yard for over 8 years now. Finally decided to do something with them. They are a wine variety white grape, but I do not remember what type exactly...I've been going back and forth with a local brewing supply store for most of my...
  11. Nova_Scotia_Canada

    First Batch Temperature Question

    Hi, I've just started my first batch of wine ever! It's a Chardonnay wine kit from Costco. I started my primary fermentation on Monday, June 25th. Everything is going well so far, getting bubbles in the airlock, but I have a dilemma.... I have to go away this weekend for four days and an...
  12. M

    Bitter Wine Help

    Some background: Harvested and pressed Vidal Blanc and Chardonel in October in Western PA. Have about 10 gallons total. Fermented from 1.090 to dry. Had to add in some acid blend but used a kit to do so. PH is about 3.4 for both. Have racked with campden about 4 times now. It’s clear and...
  13. George_A

    Amber wine in concrete egg (kvevri)

    The white wine in Georgian style ( Amber wine) I made this vintage from Chardonnay grapes fermented and aged with skins, stalks ( pomace or chacha in Georgian) in egg shaped concrete wine tank. It remained there until the end of November (2 months). This process took place in a relatively...