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  1. S

    White film on top

    Hello Everyone, First time wine maker here, so I probably made some mistakes, I would like to see if my wine is still well and learn from my mistakes for the next year to make it better... Here is my story: I have two grape vines in my backyard, I collected the grape bunches in the beginning of...
  2. oliver

    Crystals floating on wine while bulk aging?

    Dear Winemakers, Im currently in bulk aging for my first batch ever. It is in my cellar now which has pretty low temperature due to the cold winter (~10-15 Celsius). A few weeks ago I posted because I saw some white shimmer on my wine. We concluded that this might be undissolved K-Meta since i...
  3. Denden5136

    Mycoderma on Peach Wine?

    Is this mycoderma? This is a peach wine fermented in July that has recently developed a white film on top. I added SO2 at 50ppm at the primary, then added 20ppm at the first rack. It has been stable for 2 months and then started developing this one week ago. I did a rack and return and added...