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  1. Y

    On the footsies of vinegar flies

    I've read countless posts in countless threads on this forum warning of the dangers of fruit flies landing in your wine causing it to spoil and turn to vinegar. To me this has always seemed a bit ridiculous, and contradicts a lot of how I think about about fermentation and microbes. What is...
  2. M

    Hydrometer reading has increased after fermentation...

    Hi, I'm new to wine making and I've come across a problem. I started off with 20 litres of orange juice and 3kgs of white sugar, some cinnamon sticks and whole green cardamom pods, I added 20 grams of champagne yeast and have been letting it ferment for, now total, 3 weeks. I measured the...
  3. S

    expanding wine?

    tl;dr, I ended up answering my own question, so this is just a story now. Also, I don't currently own a specific gravity meter, and have been guesstimating according to taste, smell and sound. I figure the added accuracy isn't worth the effort when experimenting with one gallon batches. So...
  4. BookWalker

    I Want Vinegar!

    Hi everyone, I would like to make apple cider vinegar. I can find all kinds of information on this, buuuut I need some very specific details due to the temps where I live. All of the people offering information online are people into health and homesteading, with warm and cozy environments year...
  5. Joedaddy


    I made some Chenin Blanc a couple of years ago and the grapes were picked too late. They were way too acidic and I tried a lot of stuff but I was never able to get it to taste the way I want. But I think it might make a good vinegar. I got some Mother of Vinegar for white wine and last night...
  6. P

    adding sugar

    Hi, we just opened our elderberry wine buckets after 2 weeks and it tastes dry and like vinegar, can we add more sugar and close it back up? I don't want to throw it out. thank you