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  1. M

    Hydrometer reading has increased after fermentation...

    Hi, I'm new to wine making and I've come across a problem. I started off with 20 litres of orange juice and 3kgs of white sugar, some cinnamon sticks and whole green cardamom pods, I added 20 grams of champagne yeast and have been letting it ferment for, now total, 3 weeks. I measured the...
  2. S

    expanding wine?

    tl;dr, I ended up answering my own question, so this is just a story now. Also, I don't currently own a specific gravity meter, and have been guesstimating according to taste, smell and sound. I figure the added accuracy isn't worth the effort when experimenting with one gallon batches. So...
  3. BookWalker

    I Want Vinegar!

    Hi everyone, I would like to make apple cider vinegar. I can find all kinds of information on this, buuuut I need some very specific details due to the temps where I live. All of the people offering information online are people into health and homesteading, with warm and cozy environments year...
  4. Joedaddy


    I made some Chenin Blanc a couple of years ago and the grapes were picked too late. They were way too acidic and I tried a lot of stuff but I was never able to get it to taste the way I want. But I think it might make a good vinegar. I got some Mother of Vinegar for white wine and last night...
  5. P

    adding sugar

    Hi, we just opened our elderberry wine buckets after 2 weeks and it tastes dry and like vinegar, can we add more sugar and close it back up? I don't want to throw it out. thank you