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  1. M

    Strawberry Wine

    I will be making one or two batches of strawberry wine later this year, as the owner of our allotments went crazy with strawberry plants over lockdown, and has way more than he knows what to do with. He has been freezing them as he picks them and will have more than enough for a couple of...
  2. V

    Backsweetening Strawberry Wine

    So this is my first batch, and I am learning as I go. I’ve already added potassium metabisulphite, potassium sorbate, kielsol, and chitosan. Starting SG was 1.05 ending was 0.995 I’ve been tasting my wine as I go, and it just seems very vinegary to me. I just took a sample and backsweetened...
  3. DCTWinemaker

    Strawberry Wine has Low pH

    I have one gallon of Strawberry wine that I started in June and it has been aging for the last three months. It has cleared well and I racked it off the fine lees the other day. pH is 3.01 with TA of .9, SO2 is about 20-25ppm. It has an acidic/alcoholic taste with some fruit flavors coming...
  4. TikiWine

    Strawberry muscadine

    I am looking for a muscadine based wine recipe with a strawberry flavor or hint. I'm thinking of just mashing some strawberries and adding them to the fermentation.
  5. U

    Pectic enzymes - this is why you use it

    Quick background: I like to fully comprehend the impact of every addition we use in making wine, so I'll periodically run small experiments. In this case I looked at the impact of making strawberry wine with and without pectic enzyme, among a handful of other trials. In this experiment, EC1118...
  6. Linda Spinden

    WineXpert Strawberry Moscato

    I am attempting to add a strawberry flavor to my world vineyard Moscato. My first thought was to use a strawberry puree during fermentation. I also though about using natural strawberry flavoring, tried a few drops in a glass of Moscato, but not pleased. Lastly, making a strawberry and...
  7. Z

    Beginner from Williamsburg, VA!

    Hello all! SO my name is Zach, and I haven't really lurked much on the forums here TOO MUCH, but I think I'm going to start after I make this post. I've been here a few times just to look for random tips (whenever Google sent me here) and it seems like a great place full of smart people...
  8. ssteph2747

    Strawberry Wine looks weird

    Hey all, strawberry wine is my second wine I made with a primary fermenter with fruit. I made it using frozen berries, pectic enzyme, etc. I have racked it to a secondary glass fermenter and it has been there since 1/20/2010 -we did NOT squeeze the bag. We've notice some weird "fog"...
  9. Dirtydog420

    Looking for step by step help...

    I am getting ready to make my first batch of wine ever. Going to make a strawberry wine using C.J.J. Berry's recipe from his book First Steps In Winemaking... I am very worried that I will miss something cause there are no step by step instructions and I can sometimes have a have time extracting...
  10. rymily

    Strawberry Wine

    We are working on our first batch of wine using the Joy of Home Winemaking as our guide. Recipe: 24 lbs. strawberries (frozen) 12 lbs. honey 6 teaspoons acid blend 3/4 teaspoon tannin 6 teaspoons yeast nutrient 6 Campden tables 3 teasponns pectic enzyme 1 package Montrachet yeast...