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  1. V

    Backsweetening Strawberry Wine

    So this is my first batch, and I am learning as I go. I’ve already added potassium metabisulphite, potassium sorbate, kielsol, and chitosan. Starting SG was 1.05 ending was 0.995 I’ve been tasting my wine as I go, and it just seems very vinegary to me. I just took a sample and backsweetened...
  2. DCTWinemaker

    Strawberry Wine has Low pH

    I have one gallon of Strawberry wine that I started in June and it has been aging for the last three months. It has cleared well and I racked it off the fine lees the other day. pH is 3.01 with TA of .9, SO2 is about 20-25ppm. It has an acidic/alcoholic taste with some fruit flavors coming...
  3. TikiWine

    Strawberry muscadine

    I am looking for a muscadine based wine recipe with a strawberry flavor or hint. I'm thinking of just mashing some strawberries and adding them to the fermentation.
  4. jgmillr1

    Pectic enzymes - this is why you use it

    Quick background: I like to fully comprehend the impact of every addition we use in making wine, so I'll periodically run small experiments. In this case I looked at the impact of making strawberry wine with and without pectic enzyme, among a handful of other trials. In this experiment, EC1118...
  5. Linda Spinden

    WineXpert Strawberry Moscato

    I am attempting to add a strawberry flavor to my world vineyard Moscato. My first thought was to use a strawberry puree during fermentation. I also though about using natural strawberry flavoring, tried a few drops in a glass of Moscato, but not pleased. Lastly, making a strawberry and...
  6. Z

    Beginner from Williamsburg, VA!

    Hello all! SO my name is Zach, and I haven't really lurked much on the forums here TOO MUCH, but I think I'm going to start after I make this post. I've been here a few times just to look for random tips (whenever Google sent me here) and it seems like a great place full of smart people...
  7. ssteph2747

    Strawberry Wine looks weird

    Hey all, strawberry wine is my second wine I made with a primary fermenter with fruit. I made it using frozen berries, pectic enzyme, etc. I have racked it to a secondary glass fermenter and it has been there since 1/20/2010 -we did NOT squeeze the bag. We've notice some weird "fog"...
  8. Dirtydog420

    Looking for step by step help...

    I am getting ready to make my first batch of wine ever. Going to make a strawberry wine using C.J.J. Berry's recipe from his book First Steps In Winemaking... I am very worried that I will miss something cause there are no step by step instructions and I can sometimes have a have time extracting...
  9. rymily

    Strawberry Wine

    We are working on our first batch of wine using the Joy of Home Winemaking as our guide. Recipe: 24 lbs. strawberries (frozen) 12 lbs. honey 6 teaspoons acid blend 3/4 teaspoon tannin 6 teaspoons yeast nutrient 6 Campden tables 3 teasponns pectic enzyme 1 package Montrachet yeast...