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  1. tradowsk

    Cider not carbonating

    I made cider with fresh apple juice (UV pasteurized, no preservatives) from my local market. Pitched EC1118 on 9/22, fermented dry, cleared with superkleer. I then added a can of apple juice concentrate and bottled in flip-tops. I also filled a 20oz plastic pop bottle as a tester that I can use...
  2. A

    Sparkling without disgorging?

    So I'd planned on making a sparkling pineapple wine in the champagne style, but recently realized that our tiny freezer (it's the kind where the freezer is just a drawer under the regular fridge) won't fit bottles upside down. So I can't really do the whole riddling and disgorging method usually...
  3. Samthedionisian

    Need Help With Sparkling Wine Dosage Calculations

    So the story goes, my dad died and left me his winery. I've worked for him for most of my life and he passed on a lot of knowledge to me, but kept certain things to himself, including the technical details of making sparkling wine. I have a few hundred cases of bottled sparkling that needs to be...