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  1. Steve Wargo

    Is Chitosan an alternative wine spoilage agent? Some scientist say "Yes"

    I came across this webinar while searching for alternatives to Lysozyme and Malolactic Fermentation. Link to the video presentation that speaks to the antimicrobial ability of Chitosan 60-minute informational webinar that will include the following topics: Microbial control Alternatives to SO2...
  2. R

    Sulfite management and cork juice

    As you can tell from the heading I want to get your advice on two completely different topics. Firstly, I want to know how you manage "free" sulfite concentrations in your wines. I know there's a sulfite testing kit called "Titrets", which I have understood can be unreliable. I wonder if...
  3. H

    Help on Sodium bisulfate

    im making pomegranate wine i have poured the red beautiful juice in a bottle and did all calculation of TA test and sugar so i added necessary water and sugar to it then i add sodium bisulfate for sterilization purpose before adding yeast but it completely changed the color of the juice to a...
  4. BigMac

    Fact Check – Splash Racking Reduces SO2

    After a carefully controlled experiment I can tell you it does NOT. Last year after picking and fermenting Frontenac Gris I zoned out and overdosed the wine with SO2 so that it was near 100ppm. I do want to mention that over the past few years I have been hitting newly fermented wine at about...
  5. reefman

    Degassing wine

    I was watching some you-tube videos the other day and I ran across one on degassing. I always thought that we were removing CO2 when degassing, but this video said that the small bubbles that exit the wine first are sulfur dioxide gas bubbles. The bigger bubbles that exit after the SO2 are the...
  6. reefman

    pH vs. free SO2 in concord wine

    Can we discuss pH vs. Free SO2 levels....this is the first time I've heard this mentioned. What's the relationship between the two, and how do you calculate ppm of SO2 required, based on pH?