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  1. JTS84

    Started a French Rose

    Went to the LHBS the other day and picked a rjs French Rose kit. I was asked if this would be my Christmas wine - I said I was hoping for next summer. This is my 3rd kit. I started the kit 2 days ago per directions only swapping out the yeast for 71B. No other deviations so far, and it's...
  2. sremick

    RJ Spagnols Should I add nutrient?

    So I'm on day 9 of primary fermentation. Instructions say about 6-8, so I'm still close enough to not be overly concerned. Fermentation has slowed way down... instructions say to rack to the carboy for the next step at 1.020. In the past 2 days I've only dropped from 1.060 to 1.040. Bubbles in...
  3. B

    Rosso Excellente -- first time

    Hi! This is my first attempt at a wine kit. I (attempted) to follow the instructions of the RJS Rosso Excellente kit to a tee. When I went to bottle it, I sampled a bit and it tastes pretty acidic. I know it needs aged a minimum of 6 months, but should I expect that sort of taste initially...
  4. rustbucket

    Making Raspberry Wine without Raspberries

    My wife loves anything made with raspberries so I decided to make a RJS Rockin Raspberry Rose wine kit. Everything in the wine making process for this kit went normally and the wine is now in the clearing stage. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of reading the box label after racking the wine...